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Member Benefits

AmCham Bahrain offers a comprehensive range of services to its esteemed members, designed to facilitate their business growth and success. We provide a platform for networking and establishing connections among members, fostering a vibrant business community.


Connect to a database of 4,000+ business leaders in the Middle East and North Africa through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

& Events

Partake in a variety of roundtables, seminars, conferences, and programs through annual events and professional opportunities.


Increase visibility in the community around your business achievements, milestones, and initiatives.

Membership Reward Program

Participate in special highlighted company discounts and exposure.


Access our online Member Directory.

AmCham Initiatives

Industry-Focused Seminars and Workshops

Providing members with valuable insights and knowledge-sharing opportunities in key sectors.

Trade Missions and Delegations

Organizing visits to the United States, facilitating business meetings, networking events, and exploring new avenues for collaboration.

Policy Advocacy

Representing the interests of our members and engaging with policymakers to shape favorable business environments and regulatory frameworks.

Entrepreneurship and Startup Support

Promoting entrepreneurship and fostering a culture of innovation through mentorship programs and networking events.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Encouraging and facilitating corporate social responsibility initiatives among our members to contribute positively to the local community.

Facilitating Successful Business Partnerships

Facilitating numerous collaborations between Bahraini and American companies, resulting in mutually beneficial partnerships and increased trade volumes.

Supporting Market Entry and Expansion

Providing market insights, regulatory guidance, and local connections to member companies to foster successful market entry and growth. 

Influencing Policy and Regulatory Changes

Shaping favorable business environments and regulatory frameworks, addressing key concerns of our members, and promoting a conducive atmosphere for business growth. 

Promoting Thought Leadership

Organizing seminars, conferences, and expert-led sessions, enabling our members to stay informed about industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices.


1st Floor, Office 111 
Building 256, Road 2705, Block 327

Adliya - Kingdom of Bahrain


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